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Seatte Rain at Sunset

The infamous Seattle rain is what makes the Pacific North West so lush and green. Most of the rain stories about Seattle are silly; for someone who has lived in Amsterdam or London, you know there is a lot more rain in other parts of the world. And then we not even talking about the monsoons in India or South East Asia.

I am absolutely fabulous...

An unconventional Sydney busker

A quick smoke outisde

The Westin Sydney

The Westin in Sydney is one of my favorite hotels. It is built in gutted space of what use to be the General Post Office (GPO). The GPO was originally constructed in two stages beginning in 1866 and was designed under the guidance of Colonial Architect James Barnet. Composed primarily of local Sydney sandstone, mined in Pyrmont, the primary load-bearing northern façade has been described as “the finest example of the Victorian Italian Renaissance Style in NSW” and stretches 114 metres along Martin Place, making it one of the largest sandstone buildings in Sydney. The building served as the headquarters of Australia Post from its completion until 1996 when it was privatised and refurbished.